PHR Features

PHR keeps a detailed and continuous record of your health, and arms you with the constant knowledge of your health care issues. Access to one’s own personal health record has never been this easy before; it is the opportune time for patients to remain updated with all aspects of their health.

All patients are urged to join thousands of enrollees already taking charge of their day to day health care by logging in to PHR, your very own personal health record.

Features Explanation
Appointments Appointments

You can easily view or schedule your appointments through this feature. The appointment module displays a list of providers with their locations, and includes information about their available time slots and your appointment history.

Amount Due Amount Due

The Amount Due module lists payments that you owe to your provider. Payments can be made online using this feature of PHR.

others Add Other Accounts

Add another PHR account of any of your family members or dependents. Manage their health information within your own login account using this “Add Other Accounts” feature.

Access Account Authorization

The Account Authorization module enables you to give access of your Patient Portal to any of your family members or dependents.

Claims Claim History

Claim History includes information of the claims submitted on your behalf.


A typical CCDA document contains encounters, problems, assessment, allergies, adverse reactions, alerts, vital signs, medications, immunizations, functional status, plan of care, social history, result, reason for visit, instructions, procedures, and reason for referral.
If needed, you can download the CCDA report into pdf or xml format and print it out.

Demographics View Profile Information

You can view your demographic information through this feature of PHR.

Health History Health History

Health History holds records related to your assessments, medications, allergies, procedures, immunizations and vital signs.

Labs Reports Lab Reports

The Lab Reports feature includes all types of printable lab reports (imaging results/clinical test reports) sent by your lab.

Messages Secure Messages

The Secure Messages module provides a platform for you to communicate securely with your doctor.