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The Mobile Patient App that improves Patient Satisfaction

The mobile PHR is one of the most all-inclusive - record-keeping apps that will help you monitor health conditions, track appointments and set your schedules - bring a healthier lifestyle, and will increase your access to more health information.

MTBC Personal Health Record (PHR) has brought its users the satisfaction of having direct access to one’s detailed health information and background. Scheduling appointments with your doctor and viewing medical history was never this easy. PHR is a safe and user-friendly application to keep track of all your lab reports, claims and amount you owe. Furthermore, it provides the convenience to view all your health and appointment history and saves time if you wish to schedule an appointment with your doctor. Now available in market, this application is going to be with you wherever you go, linking you to your provider and your health records 24/7.

Increase patient adherence to treatment plans through MTBC Mobile Apps.

This robust mobile app is designed for both patient and physician - that will greatly enhance patient engagement in medical care with improved health results. With MTBC mobile PHR, your all information is kept together in one place.

PHR offers an easy to use interface where you can cruise through the following options:
  • Appointments: Gives you flexibility to setup an appointment with your provider and cancel them pre-hand if required.
  • Health History: Holds directory of your medical history, medications, allergies and immunization records.
  • Claims History: Provides ease of access to records of claims that have been submitted on your behalf.
  • Lab Reports: Saves time and effort by providing you with a database of all the lab results for the tests you have undergone.
  • Secure Messaging: Helps you to connect with your provider via direct and secure messaging.
  • Demographics: Allows you to update or edit any personal details such as Phone Number or Address.
Other features include:
  • Attractive interface for users
  • Sign up option for unregistered patients
  • Ease to pay claims due by using online payment
  • Smart search functionality for appointments & claims
  • Keep your important messages in Archive
  • Providing access to your health measurements taken from Withings, Fit Bit and iHealth devices to your providers with your permission.
Download this application and forget managing all those different medical files that you had to keep record of; this ‘All-In-One’ application is the solution to all your problems. For Android please click here. Android For Iphone please click here.